Black & White Idea Framework: Viral Copywriting Guide

In the world of content creation, the quality of an idea is often measured by its potential to attract views. However, even the most remarkable ideas can fall flat without the right execution strategy. This is where the Black & White Idea Framework comes into play.
This framework is a strategic approach to managing attention, particularly on platforms like YouTube, and it revolves around four key steps: catching attention, hooking it, retaining it, and converting.

What is The Black & White Idea Framework?

The Black & White Idea Framework is a strategic approach by Wono to content creation that focuses on managing attention effectively. It consists of four steps:
  1. Catch Attention: The first step is to grab the viewer's attention. The more attention you can catch, the more you can funnel into the subsequent steps.
  1. Hook Attention: Once you've caught the viewer's attention, the next step is to hook it. This involves engaging the viewer in a way that makes them want to continue consuming your content.
  1. Retain Attention: After hooking the viewer's attention, the goal is to retain it. This involves keeping the viewer engaged and interested in your content for as long as possible.
  1. Convert Attention: The final step is to convert the attention you've caught, hooked, and retained into a desired action, such as a like, share, or subscription

What are Black & White Ideas?

notion image
When it comes to generating ideas for content, the Black & White Idea Framework emphasizes the importance of focusing on the ingredients of the idea, rather than the idea itself.
According to this framework, there are two categories of ideas: bad ideas and good ideas. However, within the category of good ideas, there are two subcategories:
  1. Layered Ideas: These are complex, multi-dimensional ideas that are hard to convey with simple words. While they are effective for retaining attention, they are not as effective for catching attention.
  1. Black & White Ideas: These are ideas that can be broken down into a binary format in less than 60 characters. The concise nature of these ideas makes them particularly effective for catching attention

Why are Black & White Ideas effective?

The beauty of a Black & White idea lies in its simplicity. Because it can be understood in a few words without losing its substance, it is highly effective at catching attention.
Moreover, the binary nature of a Black & White idea piques the viewer's curiosity, making them wonder about the nuances behind the idea. This curiosity serves as a bridge that flows attention to the subsequent steps of the framework.

How to use the Black & White Ideas Framework

The creator of Mrs Watanabe, a viral hit on YouTube, explains it a few simple steps in his community.
First, create some descriptions around your topic with Chatgpt and see if t can come up with a black & white title and then break it down into smaller parts only keeping the essence of the story.
notion image
So the final result is: How Japanese Housewives Outsmarted Global Finance
When you have fully broken down the content in less than 60 characters (the ideal SEO title length), then you know you have something to play with. The core of the idea is that you have two counterpart thoughts in the title:
  • Japanese vs Global
  • Housewives vs Finance
The power of this attention management framework is that it create a conflict and tension in the mind of the reader, causing them to be intrigued and hooked (Remember: catch/hook/retain/convert).
Wono took a recording of a live example a popular streamer reading out the title of his YouTube video, you can notice how it catches him, hooks him to open to view together with his fans and retains attention to watch it fully.
Pay attention to his tone of voice when he reads out loud "How Japanese..", that's a textbook case of "catch attention", says Wono
Video preview
Now that you have caught that attention and hooked the reader, you must retain and convert that.


The Black & White Idea Framework is a powerful tool for content creators. By focusing on catching, hooking, retaining, and converting attention, this framework can help you maximize the impact of your content.
Moreover, by emphasizing the importance of Black & White ideas, it provides a strategic approach to idea generation that can enhance the effectiveness of your content.

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