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7 ChatGPT Prompts To Write Viral SEO Content in Minutes

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Creating SEO content is a grind. You spend hours researching keywords and producing blog posts that barely move the rankings.

What if you could tap into an AI writing assistant to do the heavy lifting for you?

At StoryChief, we publish thousands of blog posts every month for our blog and for our clients. We know how hard it is to keep up with demand for new content so we created great software that helps agencies create better content (Give it a try!).

But if you don’t have StoryChief yet (you should), try ChatGPT -a free AI tool that can instantly research topics, outline posts, optimize copy, and make revisions.

We’ll share some of our favorite prompts that StoryChief users love for free in this article. It can help your agency (or yourself) create SEO content that captures attention and ranks.

Let's look at 7 ChatGPT prompts for SEO:

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SEO Agency Tool so easy, even a sloth can use it.

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1. Get Red Hot SEO Topic Ideas in Seconds

Stop wasting time digging through keyword tools. Instead, ask ChatGPT to suggest 5 trending SEO article topics for your client's niche.

Give it target keywords and let its algorithms find what people want to read about right now. For example:

Suggest 5 high-potential SEO article topics for my yoga studio client.
Target keywords: home yoga workout, yoga for flexibility.
Include related long tail keywords.

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Pro-tip: Use Web Browsing With Bing to improve the results.

By using Bing, you get up to date results from the internet. ChatGPT has a learning limit from a few years ago, so the AI doesn’t know everything that is new. By doing a search first, you get live and real-time information. Useful for trending topics and more!

By looking at the search results, you also emphasise the content that search engines like.

By the way, Storychief can generate 5 topic titles from a given keyword. Try today.

2. Instantly Create Viral Content Frameworks

Creating compelling content outlines from scratch is tough. Have ChatGPT do it for you instead.

Give it a topic and have it craft SEO titles, meta descriptions, H2s, and summaries. Get complete frameworks to expand on. For example:

Please create an SEO outline for a beginner's guide to yoga with sections on poses, benefits, and tips. Include optimized title, meta description, and H2s.

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Pro-Tip: Look up the search results using Bing

Get SEO outlines and titles in StoryChief, start a trial.

3. Rewrite Content to Laser Target Keywords

Don't randomly stuff keywords. Have ChatGPT seamlessly optimize drafts by adding:

  • Related LSI keywords
  • Synonyms
  • Natural keyword mentions

This integration helps pages rank without awkward keyword stuffing. For example:

First, make a list of LSI and NLP keywords.
Please optimize this yoga draft to target 'yoga for flexibility' at a 3% density.
Use related terms and natural mentions.

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4. Editorial-Level Readability Improvements

Creating readable, optimized content is tricky. Have ChatGPT:

  • Pinpoint hard-to-read sentences
  • Suggest simpler phrasing
  • Rephrase sentences for clarity

Then you get content optimized for both users and search engines. For example:

This draft is written at a college level. Please simplify sentences and adjust readability to a 7th-8th grade reading level.

Image 80334eda6e81470087757d1a20f5542f 800

ChatGPT often writes complex content that needs to be rewritten for people.

Get readability tips in StoryChief, get started today!

5. Makes Content More Engaging and Shareable

Don't neglect the human element. Have ChatGPT add:

  • Interesting stats and facts (double-check these to be trustworthy)
  • Relevant analogies
  • Answerable FAQs

This boosts engagement while packing in keywords. For example:

Please add 2 stats, 1 analogy, and 3 FAQs with answers to this yoga content draft to increase engagement.

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It’s a start, but you have to find the content yourself!

6. Repurpose Top Content for Social Media

Have ChatGPT transform top posts into snackable social media content. It can analyze your blogs and create custom excerpts optimized for each platform. For example:

Please create a 100-word summary of this yoga post optimized for Twitter.

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Tip: Use StoryChief’s Twitter integration or a tool like Typefully to rewrite your tweets.

7. Refine AI-Written Drafts Before Publishing

Always carefully review ChatGPT's work before publishing. Have it make revisions to improve quality. For example:

Please review this draft and improve any awkward phrasing or repetitive text.

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Start Publishing High-Quality SEO Content Faster

With the right guidance, an AI tool like StoryChief or ChatGPT is a SEO agency’s secret weapon for scaled SEO content creation.

It researches topics, creates optimized frameworks, improves readability, and more. Combine it with your team's talents to take your content to the next level!

Just be sure to closely review its work. But using an AI assistant can give your agency a big competitive edge.

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Ilias Ism

Ilias is the co-founder of MagicSpace SEO, helping small businesses grow with SEO. With a decade of experience as a CTO and marketer, he offers SEO consulting and SEO services to clients worldwide.

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