GenPPT AI PowerPoint Tool Case Study

In today's globalized digital landscape, businesses are increasingly recognizing the importance of multilingual SEO to reach and engage with diverse audiences worldwide.
This case study explores how MagicSpace SEO, a leading Swiss SEO agency, has successfully optimized and grown GenPPT, an AI-powered presentation tool, across four languages: English, German, French, and Italian.
By leveraging a comprehensive SEO strategy encompassing content creation, link building, and technical optimization, MagicSpace SEO has helped GenPPT attract 100 users per day and establish a strong online presence in multiple markets.

The Challenge

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GenPPT, a cutting-edge AI presentation generator, aimed to expand its reach beyond its primary English-speaking market and tap into the potential of German, French, and Italian-speaking audiences. However, the company faced several challenges:
  1. Limited visibility in non-English search results
  1. Lack of localized content tailored to each target market
  1. Insufficient high-quality backlinks from relevant websites in each language
  1. Technical SEO issues hindering the website's multilingual performance
To overcome these obstacles and drive organic growth across all four languages, GenPPT partnered with MagicSpace SEO.

The Strategy

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MagicSpace SEO developed a comprehensive multilingual SEO strategy to address GenPPT's challenges and boost its online presence in each target market. The strategy focused on four key areas:

1. Keyword Research and Content Localization

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MagicSpace SEO conducted extensive keyword research for each language, identifying the most relevant and high-traffic search terms related to AI presentation tools.
Based on these findings, the agency created localized content, including blog posts, landing pages, and product descriptions, that resonated with the cultural nuances and preferences of each target audience
The localized content not only improved GenPPT's relevance in language-specific search results but also provided value to users by addressing their unique pain points and showcasing the tool's benefits in their native language.

2. Technical SEO Optimization

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To ensure a seamless user experience and optimal search engine visibility, MagicSpace SEO implemented technical SEO best practices across GenPPT's multilingual website:
  • Implementing hreflang tags to signal the relationship between language versions of each page
  • Creating language-specific XML sitemaps to facilitate crawling and indexing
  • Optimizing page load speed and mobile-friendliness for each language version
  • Ensuring proper canonicalization to avoid duplicate content issues
These technical optimizations laid a solid foundation for GenPPT's multilingual SEO success.

3. Link Building and Digital PR

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MagicSpace SEO executed a targeted link building campaign to acquire high-quality backlinks from authoritative websites in each target language.
The agency identified relevant industry publications, blogs, and influencers in the German, French, and Italian markets and conducted outreach to secure guest posting opportunities, product reviews, and mentions.
Additionally, MagicSpace SEO leveraged digital PR tactics to generate buzz around GenPPT in each market. By crafting compelling press releases and pitching unique angles to local media outlets, the agency helped GenPPT earn valuable media coverage and backlinks.

4. Performance Monitoring and Iteration

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Throughout the campaign, MagicSpace SEO closely monitored GenPPT's multilingual SEO performance using tools like Google Analytics and Search Console. The agency tracked key metrics such as organic traffic, keyword rankings, and user engagement for each language version of the website.Based on these insights, MagicSpace SEO continuously refined its strategy, identifying new keyword opportunities, optimizing content, and adjusting link building tactics to maximize results.

The Results

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Thanks to MagicSpace SEO's multilingual SEO efforts, GenPPT achieved remarkable success across all four target languages:
  • Organic traffic increased by 300% in German250% in French, and 200% in Italian within 6 months
  • GenPPT's website ranked on the first page of search results for key industry terms in each language
  • The website attracted an average of 100 new users per day across all four languages
  • User engagement metrics, such as time on site and pages per session, improved significantly for each language version
By establishing a strong online presence in multiple languages, GenPPT was able to tap into new markets, expand its user base, and solidify its position as a leading AI presentation tool on a global scale.


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GenPPT's success story demonstrates the power of a well-executed multilingual SEO strategy in driving organic growth and reaching diverse audiences worldwide.
By partnering with MagicSpace SEO, GenPPT was able to overcome language barriers, create localized content that resonated with each target market, and build a strong backlink profile in multiple languages.
As businesses continue to expand their online presence globally, investing in multilingual SEO has become essential for staying competitive and maximizing reach.
MagicSpace SEO's expertise and proven track record make them the ideal partner for companies looking to succeed in international markets through effective SEO strategies.

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