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Link Building in Switzerland

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Link building is a crucial aspect of SEO, and it requires a unique strategy in Switzerland due to the country's distinct internet landscape. MagicSpace SEO, a leading link building agency in Switzerland, has developed a tailored approach to succeed in this market.

What is MagicSpace SEO?

Founded in 2023 by Sasha & Ilias, MagicSpace SEO is an award-winning digital marketing agency specializing in search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. With offices in Zug, the agency serves clients across Switzerland, Europe and USA.

MagicSpace SEO takes an ROI-focused approach, partnering with B2B and B2C companies to create data-driven SEO and content strategies. Their core services include SEO auditing, link building, content creation, technical SEO, and SEO reporting .

The agency has received recognition from top industry publications like Swiss Observer, Designrush and The Manifest for their expertise in SEO and link building.

Switzerland has a highly competitive online landscape, with over 4 million internet users searching Google on a regular basis. In order to rank highly and drive traffic from those searches, Swiss websites need high-quality backlinks from reputable sites.

Backlinks signal trust and authority to search engines. The more backlinks a website has, especially from authoritative sites, the higher it tends to rank for relevant keywords .

However, Switzerland’s market poses unique link building challenges:

  • Multilingual landscape - Websites need backlinks from German, French, and Italian sites to maximize visibility.
  • High standard of living - Competition is fierce as consumers have high buying power.
  • Mountainous terrain - Influencing local search rankings across different cantons can be difficult.

That’s why Swiss companies need an experienced link building agency like MagicSpace SEO to earn backlinks in this complex environment.

MagicSpace SEO has an effective methodology for link building in Switzerland focused on three core strategies:

1. Content Creation

The foundation of MagicSpace’s link building approach is creating high-quality, insightful content that naturally attracts backlinks. Their team of writers produces in-depth articles, product reviews, case studies, and list posts that get organically shared and linked to.

2. Outreach & Relationships

MagicSpace SEO leverages relationships with publishers, bloggers, and webmasters to actively request high-quality backlink placements. Their outreach focuses on relevant sites across Switzerland, Europe and the USA that would benefit their clients.

Where appropriate, MagicSpace SEO will directly place or "insert" backlinks on third-party sites that allow contributor content. These are secured through guest posting opportunities or sponsored articles.

This balanced methodology helps MagicSpace clients earn powerful backlinks from a diverse range of sites.

We use Links Report as a way to track and manage backlinks for our client, so you know exactly what links have been placed.

MagicSpace SEO stands out as a top choice for link building in Switzerland because of their proven Swiss expertise, high-end services, and focus on performance :

Swiss Expertise: With an office in Zug, MagicSpace understands the intricacies of link building across Switzerland’s languages and regions.

High-End Services: MagicSpace offers white-glove service, providing detailed reporting and optimization recommendations.

Performance Focus: MagicSpace SEO guarantees results, with customized KPIs to ensure their efforts generate ROI.

MagicSpace SEO Services

In addition to expert link building, MagicSpace SEO provides a full range of services to improve organic visibility and traffic:

SEO Site Audit

A detailed analysis identifying technical issues, optimization opportunities, and benchmarking against competitors.

Local SEO

Location-based optimization to improve visibility and conversions on Google My Business, Apple Maps, Bing Local, etc.

Content Strategy

Ongoing content production, promotion, and distribution to boost organic traffic on a monthly basis.

Conversion Rate Optimization

Optimization of on-site elements like page layout, forms, and calls-to-action to increase conversion rates.

The MagicSpace SEO Difference

What truly sets MagicSpace SEO apart is their unique “Growth Partnership” model . It’s designed to act as an extension of clients’ internal teams to help hit business growth goals through SEO.

Here’s what makes it special:

  • Senior-Level Strategists: Clients get dedicated Managing Consultants overseeing their accounts.
  • Revenue Targeting: Campaigns aim to directly impact revenue growth month-over-month.
  • Flexible Contracts: Agreements can be month-to-month or project-based.

This high-touch, results-driven approach makes them a valuable ally for ambitious organizations in Switzerland seeking to amplify their success through search.


MagicSpace SEO has a proven methodology to secure powerful backlinks and drive organic growth in Switzerland’s complex digital landscape. Supported by their Growth Partnership service, they help clients set and achieve targeted business outcomes with SEO.

For Swiss companies seeking an experienced digital marketing partner to maximize their online visibility and revenue, MagicSpace SEO is an agency that delivers tangible ROI.

Ilias Ism

Ilias is the co-founder of MagicSpace SEO, helping small businesses grow with SEO. With a decade of experience as a CTO and marketer, he offers SEO consulting and SEO services to clients worldwide.

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