Zapier Programmatic SEO Case Study

Zapier, a web-based automation tool that allows users to connect various applications and automate workflows, has seen tremendous success with its programmatic SEO strategy. By leveraging the power of automation and creating thousands of optimized landing pages at scale, Zapier has managed to drive over 2.6 million monthly organic visitors to its website. In this case study, we'll dive deep into Zapier's programmatic SEO approach, examining the key elements that have contributed to its success and the lessons that can be learned from its strategy.

Understanding Programmatic SEO

Programmatic SEO involves creating landing pages at scale through automation, with the aim of capturing long-tail search queries and driving targeted organic traffic. Instead of manually crafting each page, a template is designed, and content is generated using automated tools and a database. This approach allows websites to create thousands of pages, each targeting a specific keyword, with minimal manual effort.

Zapier's Programmatic SEO Implementation

Zapier's programmatic SEO strategy revolves around two main areas: app profile pages and app integration pages.

App Profile Pages

Zapier has created a dedicated landing page for each of the 5,000+ apps it supports. These pages include general information about the app, popular ways to create workflows using the app, and a list of other apps that can be integrated with it. The URL structure for these pages follows a consistent pattern:[app-name]/integrations.

App Integration Pages

To target users looking for specific app integrations, Zapier has created landing pages for every possible combination of apps it supports. For example, there are pages dedicated to integrating Google Sheets with Trello, Slack, HubSpot, and countless other apps. These pages provide a list of popular workflows between the two apps and step-by-step instructions on how to set up the integrations. The URL structure for these pages is:[app-1]/integrations/[app-2].
By creating this extensive network of landing pages, Zapier is able to capture a wide range of long-tail keywords related to app integrations, such as "google sheets slack integration" or "trello gmail integration". These pages are internally linked, passing authority from the main app directory page to the more specific integration pages.

The Role of Automation

Creating thousands of landing pages manually would be an incredibly time-consuming task. This is where Zapier's expertise in automation comes into play. The company uses programmatic SEO to generate these pages at scale, utilizing templates and a database of app information.
Zapier has created a playbook for onboarding and launching new app partners, which includes having the app owners provide content for their respective landing pages. This not only ensures the content is accurate and relevant but also reduces the workload on Zapier's team.

The Results

Zapier's programmatic SEO strategy has been a resounding success. The app profile and integration pages account for approximately 15% of Zapier's total organic traffic, attracting around 235,000 monthly visitors. Some of the top-performing integration pages receive tens of thousands of monthly organic visits.
In addition to the direct traffic, these pages have also helped Zapier establish itself as an authority in the app integration space. The company ranks for over 3.6 million keywords and receives an estimated 12 million monthly visits, with 45.7% of its traffic coming from organic search.

Lessons Learned

Zapier's success with programmatic SEO offers valuable insights for other businesses looking to scale their organic traffic:
  1. Identify opportunities to create landing pages at scale: Look for patterns in your target keywords and consider how you can use templates and automation to create optimized pages for each variation.
  1. Leverage your unique data and expertise: Zapier's extensive database of app integrations and its partnerships with app owners have been key to its success. Identify the unique data and expertise your business possesses and use it to create valuable, targeted content.
  1. Prioritize user experience: While automation is essential for scaling your SEO efforts, it's crucial to ensure the pages you create provide value to users. Zapier's integration pages offer step-by-step instructions and helpful information, making them a valuable resource for users looking to connect apps.
  1. Invest in internal linking: By creating a hierarchical structure and linking between related pages, Zapier has ensured that link authority flows from its main app directory to the more specific integration pages. A well-planned internal linking strategy can help boost your pages' rankings and visibility.


Zapier's programmatic SEO strategy is a prime example of how automation and scalability can drive significant organic traffic growth. By identifying opportunities to create landing pages at scale, leveraging its unique data and partnerships, and prioritizing user experience, Zapier has established itself as a leader in the app integration space.
While programmatic SEO may not be suitable for every business, the lessons learned from Zapier's approach can be applied to a wide range of industries. By thinking creatively about how to use automation and templates to create valuable, targeted content at scale, businesses can unlock new opportunities for organic traffic growth and establish themselves as authorities in their respective fields.

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