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8 Best Text to Video AI Generators in 2024

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As all content creators know, content is king, and video content is the crown jewel. Professional video editors are always on the hunt for AI tools that can help you create professional-looking videos faster.

AI-generated video uses artificial intelligence for video production, it can background music, use AI voices, create explainer videos, convert text from blog posts with AI models into audio files and create new content in a video format.

But it's not easy to find the best AI video generators, text input can be clunky, maybe you're fiddling with various platforms or trying out a free version, signing up to a free trial just to find the best AI text-to-video generator.

Here are the best AI text to video tools that we'll cover:

  1. Typeframes
  2. Basedlabs
  3. Runway
  4. DeepBrain AI
  5. Synthesia
  6. InVideo
  7. Elai
  8. Hour One

Today, we review the top AI studios to find the best AI video generation platform for content creators so you can keep making those YouTube videos and share them on social media platforms with ease!

1. Typeframes


Typeframes is one of the best text to video AI generators that simplifies the process of creating product intro videos for SaaS products. It allows users to plug in their content, choose from a variety of customizable video templates, sound effects and animations, and export the video in the desired format.

Known for

  • Promo videos: Without needing any graphic design skills you can make a short video fast.
  • Tweet to videoA great feature for content creators to converts tweets into videos in a matter of minutes from existing tweets using built-in AI tools to be shared on Twitter.
  • AI voices: Choose from a set of AI voices to add simple text to speech for your video.


  • User-friendly interfaceTypeframes is designed to be user-friendly, making it easy to create stunning videos.
  • Affordable Pricing: With pricing plans starting at $29/month for unlimited videos and customization.


  • No AI-generated video: You only use artificial intelligence for video editing, AI voices and as part of the video creation process.

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2. BasedLabs


BasedLabs is a new video AI platform that offers a wide range of AI tools for content creators. They are known for offering an image to video AI tool that brings your images to life. Similar to Sora AI by OpenAI, they are building fast in this new field.

3. Runway

Screenshot 2024 01 13 at 16.51.25

RunwayML is an applied AI research company that aims to advance creativity through artificial intelligence. It was founded by artists with the mission to bring the unlimited creative potential of AI to everyone, everywhere with anything to say. RunwayML offers a suite of over 30 AI Magic Tools that allow you to generate videos, images, and much more.

Runway is free to use and it also offer additional subscription plans for advanced features.


  • Generative AI Tools: RunwayML offers a suite of over 30 AI Magic Tools that allow you to generate videos, images, and much more.

  • Motion Tracking: RunwayML can track the movement of objects in videos. This can be used to create special effects, such as adding text or graphics to moving objects.

  • Image Generation: From the creators of Stable Diffusion, RunwayML can be used to generate images.
  • Extremely advanced Generative AI: From video to video, Text to Video, Text + Image to Video, Image to Video, Stylization, Storyboard, Mask, Render, Customization and more. Runway is the The New Standard for Video Generation.


  • User-Friendly: RunwayML is praised for its user-friendly interface, making it accessible for individuals with varying levels of technical expertise

  • Innovative: The platform is recognized for its innovative approach to AI, offering a wide range of tools under one brand/domain.

  • Continuous Improvement: Users have noted a steady improvement in the product over time, indicating a commitment to development and user satisfaction.

4. DeepBrain AI


DeepBrain AI is another powerful text-to-video AI generator that offers realistic AI avatars, multi-language and vocal options, and customized storytelling.


  • Realistic AI avatars: Choose from a wide-ranging library of AI avatars that are strikingly lifelike, making your content both captivating and relatable.
  • Multi-Language & Vocal Options: With support for over 80 languages and various vocal tones, you can now reach a global audience without compromising the nuance of your message.
  • Customized Storytelling: Each scene can be customized to align perfectly with the text, making your story heard, seen, and felt.


  • Advanced video: Generate AI-powered videos in a matter of minutes, optimizing your workflow.
  • Authentic AI Figures: Infuse your videos with a human-like quality using realistic AI characters or AI girlfriends.


  • Time Constraints: Those using the Starter Plan may find the 10-minute cap on video length limiting.
  • Text-Centric Approach: For those who are more design-inclined, the absence of traditional video editing features could be a drawback.

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5. Synthesia


Synthesia is a leading AI video generator that allows you to create videos with AI avatars from text.


  • AI Avatars: Synthesia offers a wide range of AI avatars that can be customized to suit your content.

  • Text-to-Video: The platform allows you to easily convert your text into a final video, making it a great AI-powered tool for content creators.


  • User-Friendly: Synthesia is known for its intuitive interface, making it easy for anyone to create professional videos.

  • High-Quality Videos: The platform is capable of producing high-quality videos, making it a great choice for content marketers.


  • Limited Video Length: The platform has limitations in generating intricate details, such as fingers, and is limited to 4 seconds per video.

  • No Text-to-Speech: The tool does not offer text-to-speech capabilities.

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6. InVideo


InVideo is a versatile platform that offers a customizable templates, high customizability, team collaboration, and seamless integrations and exporting.


  • Diverse Template Selection: With over 6000 video templates to chose from, InVideo offers an eclectic range of pre-designed templates, each created to meet the needs of multiple sectors and purposes.
  • Highly customizable: InVideo lets you personalize your videos by incorporating text, imagery, and other dynamic elements.

  • Team collaboration: Collaborative features allow multiple team members to contribute to a video project.


  • Built-In Editing tools: This feature caters to users who want the freedom to tailor their videos, offering various editing tools within the platform.

  • User-Friendly Design: Designed for ease of use, Invideo features an intuitive user interface and offers guided tutorials, making video creation and editing a breeze.


  • Limited Export Formats: The platform’s constraints on supported file types can be a drawback for users with specific export requirements.

  • Confined Resolution Options: A limited array of exportable video resolutions could be a sticking point for users who require particular output qualities.

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7. Elai

Screenshot 2024 01 13 at 16.42.06

Elai is a text-to-video AI generator that offers automatic enhancements, custom avatar creation, authentic voice cloning, streamlined URL conversion, and seamless integrations.


  • Automatic Enhancements: Elai offers auto-captions, subtitles, and automatic translations, making your content accessible to a wider audience, regardless of language barriers.

  • Authentic Voice Cloning: Harness the power of voice cloning in 28 languages to bring a personal touch to your videos.

  • Streamlined URL Conversion: Convert web content into engaging videos effortlessly with their URL to video automatic conversion feature.

  • Custom avatar creation: Simply make a digital clone of a real person so the person can use it in their videos like our 35 Platform Avatars. It is a custom-paid feature.


  • Pricing Plans: You can start for free for 1 minute. And upgrade to 15-50 video minutes at the cost of $29-100/month within their Basic plan and 50-200 monthly video minutes for Advanced at the cost of $125-$440 or get the full enterprise package for more.

  • Effortless Translations: Achieve seamless one-click video translations, providing global reach error-free.

  • Free API access: For bulk video generation and video personalization


  • Avatar Actions: Elai lacks avatar gestures, a dynamic attribute recently introduced by competitors, enabling adjustments to AI avatars’ ages, emotions, and expressions.

  • Avatar Variety: With 35 available avatars, Elai’s offerings fall short of competitors, providing users with more significant choices.

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8. Hour One

Hour One

Hour One is a robust platform that offers a wide range of features, customizable templates, including avatar and character customization, multilingual support, broad vocal features, and API integration for mass output.


  • Avatar and Character Customization: With over 100 characters and a constant influx of new additions, you're never short of options. You also have the option to design your own characters.
  • Multilingual Support: Choose from a library of multiple languages to cater to an international audience.
  • Broad Vocal Features: Select from various voices, intonations, speaking speeds, and accents to give your characters the most effective vocal profile.
  • API Integration for Mass Output: You can generate hundreds of videos at once through API integration, converting text into more human-like content swiftly and efficiently.


  • Streamlined User Experience: Enjoy an intuitive interface that makes crafting professional content a breeze.
  • Self-Guided Tutorials: Get up to speed quickly with helpful, self-guided tutorials that walk you through all you need to know.
  • Photorealistic Virtual Presenters: Captivate your audience with virtual presenters, renowned for their incredible facial clarity.


  • Users have reported difficulty inviting other users to the platform for full access.
  • There is no available option for users to upload and add their own music.

Best AI Tools for Content Marketers

This covers the essential AI video generation tools content creators must embrace to unlock the next level of service, efficiency, and results for all their content creation needs.

By integrating solutions that automate repetitive tasks, centralize reporting, provide market intelligence, and enable scalability, marketers can thrive amid their hard work and intensifying competition.

For content creators looking for comprehensive text-to-video generators, Runway and DeepBrain are a good choice due to their wide range of features and intuitive interfaces.

If you're looking for a tool that simplifies the video creation process, Typeframes and InVideo are worth considering for their AI features.

For those who want to create high-quality videos with AI avatars, Synthesia and Hour One are great options.

Lastly, if you're looking for an AI video maker that offers automatic enhancements and authentic voice cloning, Elai is a solid choice.

Remember, the best tool for you will depend on your specific needs, your use of prompts and preferences. So, start your creative journey with a free plan and experience the magic of AI assistants for yourself.

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